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Conventions and Guest Spots

Okanogan Tattoo Show ~ July 28th-30th
Black Petal Penticton ~ July 31st-August 2nd
Lethbridge Tattoo Show ~ September 15th-17th

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Booking Process

To book for a date where I am travelling please email me with all the following info as well as what shop/city/convention in the subject title.

~Your full name and phone number.

~Your availability. Let me know if you have a specific day you are hoping for as well as what your availability is in the case that it is already full.

~A detailed description of what you are wanting, where and how big. Be as detailed as possible including if you are looking for color or black and grey.

~Photo References! Anything you may have saved for inspiration as well as a photo of the location you'd like tattooed.

It is very important to include all the required information to help me be as prepared as possible for you as it is likely we will not have a chance to do an in person consult. 

I respond to emails once a week so please be patient if it takes a few days to receive a response.

If you miss out on getting booked for when I am in your area I encourage you to subscribe for updates below so you can be first in the know when I'll be back.

My rate during tattoo shows and guest spots is 189$/hr and a non refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. 

Lastly my email to book is

Subscribe to find out about cancellations, conventions, guest spots and when my books open.

Thanks for subscribing!

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